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The Global Read Aloud 2015 Choices Are…#GRA15

The Global Read Aloud

It was tough.  I am not going to lie.  Every year it seems like the book choices get better and better.  Every year I change my mind a million times.  Every year I am surprised by some of the votes in some of the categories.  And every year i reserve the right to not go with the popular vote but go with my gut instead.  So this year is no different; some books won their categories fair and square, while others have yet to be discovered by a broader audience.  I hope you will trust me that these choices will make for incredible conversations.  I hope that you will trust me that it will be worthwhile for you to read aloud these books to your students or children starting October 5th.  One thing though that I know for sure about all of our contenders and all of our finalists; they…

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Why I Don’t Want to Run A Marathon

Why I Don’t Want to Run A Marathon.

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